Beat It (Hat 1806)




Beat It is a new hat design complete with detachable fascinator! This hat has a large brim and shallow crown. A beautiful feather mounted fascinator is attached to the base of the crown by a clip that fixes nicely to your hair for the evening reception! The fascinator is finished with a few loops and a large ostrich feather. Due to the shallow crown, a piece of elastic is attached to the inside of the crown to help keep the hat in place. This elastic can be discreetly hidden under your hair, making this hat perfect for a wedding or to wear for a day at the races! This hat is perfect for a mother of the bride or groom to wear to the wedding!This hat is pictured in heather however can be bespoke made in any colour.

The pictured hatinator is in stock and available for immediate delivery.

**** Please allow up to 8 weeks for bespoke orders to be dispatched, as we may need to source the correct materials and accessories. We cannot guarantee your order will be EXACTLY as the one pictured, but any differences will be minimal unless you specify otherwise. If your order needs to be completed in under 4 weeks, please contact us on 01702 559244 to discuss this possibility and additional fees ****